Sustainable creation for Nokia

Three of the four large halls encompassed by the 47,000 m² complex, are humming with industriousness. Tilburg is now an important hub within the worldwide trade of Nokia Solutions and Networks, specialist in mobile network equipment and the installation of mobile networks. “Between 100 and 200 people work here, depending on demand and the number of orders”, explains contract logistics director of DB Schenker Logistics Nederland. The Tilburg-based logistics company is running the new distribution centre. "We have been through a very hectic period”, he continues. “It is always busy towards the end of the year. And, of course, everything is new to us at the moment. People need time to get used to their workplaces. And this takes time. Now, it’s a bit quieter.” Nevertheless, he says that the distribution centre has not encountered many teething-problems, despite the rapid construction process. The halls are full of items and equipment that relate to NSN telecommunication systems. They will be soon be sent out across the globe. “How many products are delivered and dispatched here? NSN would rather not divulge this information for competitive reasons. But a huge amount", according to Coenen. The centre houses around thirty loading and unloading bays where lorries deliver and collect equipment. Just a stone’s throw from the centre, is the large container terminal on the Wilhelminakanaal for transport on the water. “In future, NSN will probably also use this", explains Coenen. “But we don’t use it for now. This centre, however, has the ideal location. That is why NSN chose this spot.” With this new complex, Schenker now has around twenty logistics centres in the Netherlands. Nevertheless, this design is particularly eye-catching. Several parties, including DOKVAST, Habeon Architecten and Heembouw worked together on the construction. Particular attention was paid to sustainability. The centre, which cost millions to build, is thus fitted with triple-glazing, extra insulation, a heat pump and LED lights. The roof has also been strengthened to accommodate 40,000 m² of solar panels. Sustainable building has led to national praise. The design has been awarded a BREAAM NL Outstanding certificate; this is the only time it has been issued. “It really is a piece of art”, says Coenen. “Particularly if you consider how quickly it was built.”


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