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The BREEAM assessment process evaluates the procurement, design, construction and operation of a development against targets that are based on performance benchmarks. Assessments are carried out by independent, licensed assessors, and developments rated and certified on a scale of Pass, Good, Very Good, Excellent and Outstanding.

BREEAM measures sustainable value in a series of categories, ranging from energy to ecology. Each of these categories addresses the most influential factors, including low impact design and carbon emissions reduction; design durability and resilience; adaption to climate change; and ecological value and biodiversity protection. Within every category, developments score points – called credits – for achieving targets, and their final total determines their rating.


BREEAM is the world’s foremost environmental assessment method and rating system for buildings. 250,000 buildings have a certified BREEAM assessment rating and over a million registered for assessment since it was first launched in 1990. BREEAM sets the standard for best practice in sustainable building design, construction and operation. It has become one of the most comprehensive and widely recognized measures of a building’s environmental performance.

It encourages designers and clients to consider designs that promote low carbon and minimize energy demands before considering energy efficiency and low carbon technologies.

A certificated BREEAM assessment is delivered by a licensed organization, using assessors trained under a ULAS accredited competent person scheme, at various stages in a buildings life cycle.This provides clients, developers, designers and others with: market recognition for low environmental impact buildings, confidence that tried and tested environmental practice is incorporated in the building, inspiration to find innovative solutions that minimize the environmental impact, a benchmark that is higher than regulation, a system to help reduce running costs, improve working and living environments, a standard that demonstrates progress towards corporate and organizational environmental objectives.All Distribution Centres built under supervision of DOKVAST BV have a minimum 4-star ‘Excellent’ ranking from BREEAM.

To obtain an Excellent or Outstanding rating from BREEAM, DOKVAST invests in a range of facility features items including:

  • LED-lightning with motion detection and dimming
  • Above-average insulation
  • Wind tight building
  • Alarm system with intelligent connections to other building installation
  • Solar panel proof roof
  • Heating panels (radiation)

The features DOKVAST use, significantly reduce the operational cost for the client. Depending on usage, the costs savings are in the range of € 2,00 to € 3,00 per square meter and as a result these figures can reduce the rental price per square meter.



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