Director Contract Logistics at DB Schenker Logistics Netherlands

    'The completion of the distribution centre by DOKVAST may justly be called a sizeable achievement. We are extremely satisfied with their professional and committed approach. DB Schenker Logistics Nederland had presented DOKVAST with an enormous challenge: the completion of a brand new, sustainable distribution centre for our client within a timeframe of only five months. But thanks to sound agreements, a high level of commitment, efficient planning and a 'lean construction' process, this deadline was achieved.

    Despite the intense time pressure, DOKVAST made no concessions on quality: the building was finished beautifully, right down to the last detail, and is now a particularly attractive distribution centre. The use of wooden panels creates a warm, luxurious feel and glass wall panels allow plenty of light in. This also contributes to a pleasant working atmosphere for those who are employed here. The sustainability vision of DOKVAST also integrates seamlessly with our ambition: DB Schenker aims to be the most sustainable transportation and logistics services provider in the world by 2020.'


    Division Director Contract Logistics - Rhenus Logistics Netherlands

    'We were looking for a suitable location for a distribution centre with a 60,000 m² capacity in the vicinity of Eindhoven. The decision to locate at Ekkersrijt business park was based on an extensive study of location options that DOKVAST conducted with us. Jos Klanderman underpinned their proposal for the new DC with convincing arguments, which immediately aroused our enthusiasm. In addition, we already have good experience with DOKVAST as the lessor of our DC in Tilburg.


    DOKVAST is synonymous with quality and sustainability. You can see this reflected in their investment in the building’s superior insulation and their choice of beautiful, sustainable materials: from the wooden front façade to the design door handles. The finish and details are precisely what determines the overall perception. No expense has been spared to ensure that the building has a long life cycle. In view of the fact that Rhenus carries out supply chain activities for the high-end segment, including the storage of medical aids such as heart valves, our clients are entitled to expect a superior building to match.

    We also considered it vital to create a pleasant work environment for our employees: one that can contribute to generating even higher performance. One example was the creation of a high degree of incoming light. In addition to incorporating large windows, we also introduced sustainable LED lighting with presence and daylight detection, both inside and outside the building. We are incredibly proud of this building, which is perfectly aligned with our vision and image.



    Site Manager at Dobologic

    'DOKVAST completed the Dobologic building within a very short timeframe of four months. We are particularly proud of the result: the building is multifunctional and has a unique atmosphere and appearance. As the DOKVAST team is extremely compact, we were able to move ahead quickly with them and make major decisions. In addition, we were closely involved in the construction phase: Edwin Clout and Jos Klanderman were present at the building site nearly every day.

    DOKVAST knows what is important for a distribution centre: the efficient use of every square metre. And the building’s versatility allows for the shrinkage or growth of current occupiers or future lessees. One example is the super flat floor, which gives us the potential to modify our storage system and significantly increase storage capacity. Furthermore, you notice that DOKVAST wants to be proud of its buildings. This is reflected in the ‘no concessions’ approach to the quality of the sustainable materials used and the finish. Sustainability is deeply ingrained in DOKVAST's DNA: an absolute passion of Edwin and Jos. They are not satisfied with today's standards and think ahead to the requirements of the future. DOKVAST is innovative and boldly challenges itself to come up with even better and more sustainable solutions. They raise the bar with every project.'


DOKVAST develops and invests in the sustainable logistical real estate. Together with you, we will decide how to realise a sustainable and high-quality distribution centre, making you ready for the future with a healthy working environment and energy and carbon-neutral building.

DOKVAST is established in 2006 at Oisterwijk, which is in the south of the Netherlands. Our company is 100% privately financed and our shareholder capital has been built up by the wholesale of underwear and legwear.













We believe that sustainable buildings are the future. But the demands DOKVAST places on property don’t end there: functionality, feasibility, comfort and outward appearance are also key considerations. Our logistic centres are constructed with the very highest specifications and are fitted out with the very latest technology. Together we can be ready for the future.

DOKVAST invests not only in sustainable real estate; we believe that a long-term relationship with you is important. In our opinion collaboration is a prerequisite for success. This concerns both individual achievements and the ability to achieve together. The experienced DOKVAST team is highly committed and only satisfied with perfection, down to the smallest details. For us quality is synonymous with sustainable.

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